Pleasure to meet you

Hey there! I’ve never had the desire to share my diary with the web surfing world but recently I’ve decided that sharing my opinions on different subjects, or talking about my day with those who care enough to read could be a pretty interesting experience. Hence, this blog. Now please bear with me for the first few weeks or so while I decide on what to write and how to format my blogs. The beginning is likely to be a clusterduck of thoughts so I apologize in advance. Also, I know diddly about html and other formatting things so I’ll either a) learn it eventually or b) get fed up and just use the generic formats provided. (psst! the second one is more likely) So a bit about what you might find in this blog.*

Well I love Kpop, first of all [which is Korean pop music.] It’s like American pop, which is where I’m from, but there are a few differences. Like style of clothing, attitude, oh yeah and the language. So there might be a few posts about Kpop stars that people may not know about so I’ll try to add pictures and info about who/what I mention. Other than that I’ll probably post about news events and my opinions. Also, I may use this to vent or merely share about my day. So yeah that’s just a taste of my blogging style and I hope whoever finds my blog enjoys it [at least a little] and comes back often. Oh! and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update my blog seeing as how I’m not sure when I’ll have the free time. Once a week for sure but probably a bit more too. Anyway, I’m done. Until next time, my friends.

*Note: This is subject to be incorrect since I’m not completely sure about what I’ll be writing.


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