Renaissance Fair

Just got home from my first renaissance fair in Pennsylvania, USA. That’s where I live now, I moved from California, USA last year so I’ll probably make comparisons between the two states often in posts. Anyway back to the fair. It was really nice. I wasn’t expecting to be as large as it was. The entire area was impossible to go through completely since there wasn’t enough time but I enjoyed what I saw. First I went to a show called Tribal Circus. It was a husband and wife doing acrobatic tricks and they were both talented and amusing. They made a few jokes at both their and the audience’s expense. There was something for everyone and I really enjoyed it.

There were two jousts but I was only able to watch the first. It was pretty much just a back story and build up for the main joust, which is the one that was advertised most and had a ceremony, and the queen was there. basically, it was a big deal. The joust I saw reminded me a lot of Medieval Times. I’m not sure if they’re everywhere but in Buena Park, California there is one and it’s dinner and a show. Knights joust and eventually decide that they hate their enemy so much that they’re just going to grab weapons and duel to the death. That’s what the knights decided they were going to do in the first joust, the second one is where they actually fought.

I had fun watching the people working at the fair walk around and talk as if they really were from the time of the renaissance but I felt that since the fair was so spread out, there was less interaction between the employees and the visitors. Where I went in California, there was a set path you had to take to get around so you were able to see everything and everyone. Regardless, I still loved the fair; the food was good the atmosphere was fun and adventurous and although some people didn’t participate or looked at you oddly if you yelled loudly during shows and duels, the majority really got into it and if you are the slightest interested in the renaissance, fairs or both then I highly recommend you go if you can.


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