Forget who I am yet?

I know that inactivity isn’t the best idea for a new blogger but I’m busy during the week so it’s hard to blog everyday plus, sometimes I have nothing to say. Anyway, I was on YouTube looking up songs when I noticed that there are a lot of videos giving tips about makeup, hair etc. and I can’t help but wonder when this got so popular. I’m on YouTube all the time because it is pretty much the only way I stay up to date on music lately since the type of music I like isn’t on the radio. So even though I visit YouTube frequently I never noticed the tutorials until now. Seeing them makes me a little disappointed in myself. Being a girl, it’d be nice if I was able to do something with my hair or makeup but I’m the world’s worst girl and cannot. I watched a couple of different videos, one teaching you how to look like Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady and another about different hairstyles and I can now say with certainty that I was right for not going to beauty school.

I tried doing some of the tips in different videos and whereas others looked pretty and natural I looked like a clown with two bruised eyes that had been running for so long that its cheeks were red. The makeup I have is never used mostly because I look really bad when I attempt to put it on. My friend told me that I have, and I quote “bad colors for my skin tone.” If any girls out there want to clarify what this is supposed to mean, please do because I am lost. I do know that the cover up I have is too dark for me because I am quite white.  Anyway this was pretty much a random thought post, like many will probably be. I apologize to any guys who read this that are probably thinking that I’m shallow. I’m really not; if I was I would care more about makeup and clothes and shoes etc. I don’t. The only time I get new things is if I like them, not because they’re new, or considered cool or whatever the case may be. Anyway talk to you soon, although hopefully sooner than this was.


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