People These Days

This might be a somber subject for a lot of people but I feel like it needs to be addressed. This morning a substitute teacher in the school district where I live turned himself in for sexual assault. Told you it wasn’t the most pleasant of subjects. Well people all over the town (I know it was a town-wide conversation because I live in one of those small, ‘everyone-knows-what-you-did-five-minutes-after-you-did-it’ kind of towns) were talking about it and it seemed to be more of a piece of gossip than a serious event. For example I was in a gas station and I heard three teenage girls talking about him and they were trading stories. The weird thing was when one girl finished her story, another would try to one-up her. For example, one girl said after another girl’s story, and I quote: “Oh my God, that sucks! But you won’t even BELIEVE what happened to me…” then proceeded to tell a story about how she swears he was staring at her butt as she walked away from his desk one day. Is this what serious news about people you know has come to: gossip one uses to get more attention and sympathy from their peers?

I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it but it seems really disrespectful to those closely involved. I never knew the family personally but obviously they had close friends and relatives; my little brother is friends with one of the man’s sons for Christ’s sake. To those people this isn’t just a story to tell your friends to seem “in the know” it actually happened and has changed their lives forever. In all of the conversations that I’ve sat through, listening to my friends drone on about what happened, not even once did I hear anyone mention the seriousness of the situation and how hard this must be for his wife and their children. The fact that he was a married father of three didn’t matter to them, the effect it was going to have on his children; who are 9 and 15 so they are quite young and impressionable. No, they didn’t care. And maybe it’s not terrible that they didn’t care.

I’m not saying that they should have to feel compassion for those involved simply because they went through a tragedy, I understand. I mean, it’s not like I feel terrible for the soldiers and they’re family members every time I hear about the war in Afghanistan. But I think it’s because I’m not close to anyone effected by the war. So maybe those who are being insensitive about this man aren’t closely related either. Well I think I just came full circle about this whole issue. I apologize for seeming so wishy-washy about this situation but this blog is sort of like my diary, where I work through my thoughts and try to reach a solution or come to peace with them. I really do believe that people should be more considerate about serious situations like this one, but I guess I can see where they wouldn’t. Anyway this was a bit of a depressing post. No wonder no one reads my blog. haha if you do come by this feel free to comment with your own opinions, I appreciate different perspectives [which I’m sure you got from this post]


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