Happy Belated Turkey Day

If you’ve ever lived in America during November then you know what I’m talking about: a holiday we like to call Thanksgiving. For anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a day where Americans give thanks for the good things in their life and usually celebrate it with their families. The first Thanksgiving was when the pioneers came to America and, after nearly dying of starvation, were able to survive because the Native Americans helped their crops grow so they threw a big feast to celebrate. How do we repay them? By killing their main source of survival [buffalo], stripping them of their land and murdering them in masses. But that’s a different can of worms that I don’t feel like opening for it would lead to a giant rant. So instead, I’ll just stick to the holiday.

To me it seems that Thanksgiving takes a backseat to Halloween and Christmas. Being sandwiched between those two money-making holidays leaves little attention to Thanksgiving. Halloween begins to be advertised sometime in September; costumes, candy, decorations, party supplies etc. are thrown at you from all sides. Then, before Halloween has even come and gone, Christmas time comes around for stores everywhere. If Halloween seemed bad, Christmas is worse [stores boast holiday savings for months ahead of the actual day]. It also seems that every commercial somehow manages to incorporate the holiday into its product. Even car insurance, which has zero correlation with Christmas, has found a way to sneak it into its commercials [luckily I happen to love these commercials so I don’t mind]. Poor Thanksgiving doesn’t have a chance with those two so close to it. The only thing that is mentioned about Thanksgiving is Black Friday and even that has no ties to the actual turkey day. Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter. After all, you don’t need advertisements to make my country eat large quantities of food in one sitting; we do that on our own.


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