Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. This is a time of reflection, usually found in the form of new year’s resolutions. In previous years I would partake in the annual tradition like many people do; be a better person, lose weight, be more outgoing etc. This year, though, I decided that I just don’t care enough. I’ll only be wasting a month of my year doing something that I’ll end up giving up during February anyway. I would like to stick with it but like most (if not all) resolution makers I give up and vow to try again next year. So instead of disappointing myself and feeling like crap for not going through with my resolution, I’ll continue my life the way it is because honestly, I’m happy with my life. So have a good year and I hope you have the willpower to stick with your resolutions.


Happy Holidays?

Whatever it may be!

Well it’s five days after Christmas and I just found the time to blog about it. I also wanted to make sure that when I made this post, all of the religious holidays in December are over. Christmas and Hanukkah are both done [I think] and even though Kwanza is still going strong, I decided to just do the post now. You know that stereotype that Americans are uncultured and don’t know anything about the countries outside of their own? Well to some degree, that is true for me. Not all countries [I know quite a bit about Mexico and South Korea] but for most of them, yes. This is also true about different religions. Hell, this is true about my OWN religion. So in order to not screw up and offend anyone, I’m not going to talk about the religion behind the different holidays around this time of year. Instead, I’m going to talk about commercialized Christmas.

Well, everyone can agree that the basis of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birth. And before it gets mentioned, yes I know Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th but that’s not really the point; the point is to celebrate his life and appreciate what we have and all that jazz. It’s funny, as an American Thanksgiving is advertised more of a family holiday than Christmas but to me it has always felt like the opposite was true. Thanksgiving seems to be more forced than Christmas; as if you have to spend time with your family that day while Christmas is when you actually want to see them. I never really liked Thanksgiving because I don’t like turkey or the other option: ham.

Speaking of food, it really sucks having two holidays that come with large dinners right next to each other. Right after you finally finish your leftover turkey by eating nothing but turkey for days, Christmas comes around and you have more leftovers. Yes, in retrospect having too much food is such a first world problem that others wish they had. I realize this, I’m not an idiot, but growing up in an American middle-class family, these are the kinds of things that bother me. I don’t always think about what I have, I sometimes focus on the little things that are wrong.

One of the reasons I love these holidays are that it reminds me of everything that I have and, at least for a couple of months, I appreciate the things I take for granted, such as my health, family, friends, possessions etc. It’s sad that as a society, Americans [and I’m sure people in other countries too] forget how lucky they are.

Okay last part of the rant [I think] Christmas has become less about family, appreciation and oh yeah, the whole CHRIST part of CHRISTmas and more about presents. It’s kind of sad how the media has influenced this holiday. Even if you’re like me and aren’t super religious, I think that being together as a family should at least mean more to you than the presents you get. I’ve seen all sorts of people on the internet complaining about not getting the new iPhone and saying how they have horrible parents for not getting it for them. All I can think is “shut up you spoiled little kids.” Seriously, it’s disturbing how ignorant and whiny some kids can be.

All in all I hope everyone enjoyed [or are still enjoying] their holiday season. This is the time of year to celebrate togetherness so have a wonderful time with your friends and family!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Okay, feel free to judge me because I won’t blame you one bit. I am quite aware of why someone would shake their heads in disappointment about me watching this film. I also wouldn’t blame you for leaving this blog and never looking back. Yes, the storyline isn’t that great. Yes, the actors are pretty terrible. Yes, this is perhaps one of the most overrated fandoms that ever was. Even knowing all of these things I can’t help but watch them. In 2008, just slightly before the saga burst into the flames of popularity, my friend recommended the book. Before that, I didn’t read much; sure I liked it but I wasn’t crazy obsessed with any books in particular. In fact, I didn’t even want to read Twilight at first. But I did and oh boy did that change me forever. I fell in love with that book series to the point of obsession. I reluctantly admit that I have read every book in that saga ten times each. In one summer. It was pretty bad for a while but after I saw the second movie I got over the series. I think it was all of the hype that was caused by the movies that killed the series for me. Well, that and I realized that the books are for pre-teens. So now I watch the movies merely for old times sake. It’s hard to explain why I would watch something that I’ve grown out of, but I guess it’s the same for all super fans of geeky franchises can relate. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Halo, Call of Duty; the list goes on and on: we all want to watch the next movie or play the next game, even if we aren’t particularly in love with it anymore. I guess it’s just one of those things you need to experience for yourself to understand.

So how about I get to the movie now, I bet you’re almost asleep by now with my long, boring intro. Well I definitely liked this movie better than the previous three. I don’t know what it was, either the directing, writing, camera work, or what but I think this movie was done more well done than the others. It also seems to be the first one where the protagonists, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, seemed happy. Usually Rob looked upset while Kristen…well she showed no emotions. While she still had those moments [actually she still looked pretty emotionless a lot] she also looked happy in multiple scenes, as did Rob. So, for this I’m proud of them. The scene where Bella gives birth is enough to make the most gung-ho mommy-to-be cringe in fear at having a little miracle. I’ll spare you the details because for all I know, one of you still wants to see the movie [and if you do I’m sorry that it seems like I’m teasing it but it’s mostly myself I’m making fun of.] but I hated it. Also, I don’t see why everyone hates the name Renesmee, sure it’s odd but I think it sounds kind of pretty. Also, if Stephanie Meyer is going to reinvent the vampire’s traits, habits and now fertilizing abilities what is so weird about her making up her own name? People will judge anything these days. Well that’s my mini movie review [lamest and shortest review ever] and I’ll let you either watch the movie yourself or judge me harshly in the comments. Either way, have a good day.