3D Movies

Something that seems to becoming quite popular lately is bringing back old movies in the theater and making them 3D. That’s it. No extra scenes or commentary or anything special, just 3D. I’m pretty sure it started with the Lion King, then came Beauty and the Beast and now Stars Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. I have also heard that both Titanic and Finding Nemo are going to be coming out soon. My only question is: why is this so popular? Why do people feel the need to spend $10-15 to see a movie that’s been out for years in 3D when you can watch it at home? The argument that “Well, I don’t own the movie” is pretty hard to believe because if you are going out of your way and spending the money to see an old movie in theaters, then you must obviously like it enough to own it.

Watching movies in 3D isn’t even that great of an experience; personally I hate 3D movies. They give me headaches, the glasses get annoying and turning your head to look around gets quite awkward. The last movie I saw in 3D was Shark Boy and Lava Girl and that was a can of cheese whiz PLUS the crackers. It was the early 2000s so the effects were all obvious. Like when someone just happens to be playing paddleball and the ball flies at the audience. Or a character stabs another character and the weapon flies out of the screen at an attempt to scare the pants off of anyone watching. So I decided that 3D movies are doomed to be forever terrible and didn’t watch another one since. That is, until January 14, 2012.

For any die-hard Disney fans, you may know that January 13 is when Beauty and the Beast came out in 3D in theaters and while I love all things Disney (mostly the classic animated films) I had no intention of watching it. I didn’t see The Lion King, so why would I watch this? Because my friend dragged me to it, that’s why. I don’t mind so much because she paid for my ticket but either way, I watched it and I as pleasantly surprised. As expected, it wasn’t an Earth-shattering experience that would forever leave me questioning the value of 2D cinema, but it wasn’t as terrible as my last experience with 3D was. The 3D was much less subtle and it always made sense. The glasses weren’t the blurry, one-frame-blue-the-other-frame-red, bulky glasses that I was used to. In fact, at first I thought they were sunglasses until I realized that it made no sense for the theater to give me a free pair of sunglasses with my movie. So while I’m not going to start paying the extra money to see all of my movies in 3D [what a waste of my low salary] I did enjoy seeing my favorite Disney princess in full 3D glory. As a side note, my brother went to see the Star Wars movie today with his friend and when I asked him how it was, he replied with “good” and then went to eat something. As usual, what takes me 500 words to describe, he can sum up in one.