Happy Egg Day!

Well today is Easter, a.k.a the religious holiday that always confused me as a child. I couldn’t remember if Easter was commemorating the day Jesus died or the day that he was resurrected [and honestly I still have to think twice about it] My family isn’t very religious so this type of information was never ingrained into my mind like it is with more strict followers of Christianity. I mean, we all believe in God but we believe more in worshipping Him in our own way instead of following what the Church says. Not that the Church is particularly bad or anything, we just don’t want to follow the rules/guidelines that are heavily present in the Christian religion [such as Lent, for example]. Okay I’m going to stop talking about religion before people come at me with pitchforks and go straight into how I spent Easter as a kid.

My little brother and I shared a room for most of our childhood and when we woke up we would quickly eat breakfast before being corralled back into our room so our parents could hide the eggs that we had dyed the night before. When I was very little [meaning the single digit ages] I would selfishly grab any eggs that I found without thinking about my poor little brother, who is three years younger than I am. However, when I got older I realized how terrible my brother must have felt not being able to find any eggs and I would leave the obvious ones for him to find. That ended up working for me because I appreciated the challenge of searching for the eggs that were better hidden more than I had when I younger. After that my brother and I would take turns hiding eggs for the other person to search for. We could do this for hours, I don’t understand how we kept finding new places to hide them considering the fact that we lived in an apartment and were only allowed to use the living room, but we managed.  Around 2p.m we would drive to my Uncle’s house and spend the day with him, my Aunt and my two cousins [both younger than my brother and I] We would play games, talk and eat Deviled Eggs until it was time to go home.

One thing that always bugged me about Easter was the whole Easter Bunny nonsense. It’s a bit like Santa Claus for me; it’s just so irrelevant to the origin of the holiday that it makes no sense for it to be its mascot, yet it somehow is. I’m sure I could merely google the answer to my question but I still wouldn’t be satisfied. No matter what explanation they give me, I’m never going to approve of the association between Jesus’ resurrection and a giant rabbit that hops around leaving eggs for children. At least Santa Claus was based on Saint Nicholas, who really did give gifts to people way back when. The Easter Bunny is just ridiculous. Oh well, at least it gives me an excuse to eat chocolate eggs all day.


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