Kpop MV Reaction Video Extranaganza! [Part 2]

Here is the second and final part to the mv reaction list, there are two more videos than I originally planned , I decided to add videos from C-Clown and Glam. I’ve never heard of them before so I figured that it’d add to the surprise and newness of the reaction. So far I’ve known all of the groups and singers for these videos. I hope I didn’t say anything to offend their fans! Alright, let’s get started.

1. BoA “Only One”

This song is so gorgeous, as usual, with a setting to match. Her outfit, hair, accessories and surroundings all contribute to a pretty, calm, ethereal feeling that I think match the song very well. The whole concept of the video was kind of confusing for me, but maybe that’s because I have no idea what the lyrics mean. It just seems like an awkward conversation between a couple [who I believe break up at the end] and then a second BoA popping up behind the dude and walking around, as scenes of the formerly happy love birds flash here and there. Then she sparkles like a twampire [what I call twilight vampires] before dissipating into bubbles as if she’s turned into The Little Mermaid [the depressing original story, not the happy totally altered Disney version that we all know and love]. Anyway, beautiful song, great scenery, confusing plot line.

2. IU, Firestar “Sea of Moonlight”

Before even watching this video, I looked at the title and thought, “this is going to be super girly, isn’t it?” and what do you know, it was! But not in an over-the-top way like some groups are, such as Girl’s Day and Secret [that’s the group who sang “Moonlight Starlight” which I mentioned in the video]. It was pretty simple and cute, and the set was very creative in an artsy fartsy kind of way. Not much else to say except, if you haven’t seen it and liked what you heard of the song during the reaction, I’d suggest watching the mv for yourself.

3. Chaos “Racer

I like this song, but the video was kind of ‘meh’. They just looked intense while using odd ways to paint. A guy on a bike crashes into a bucket of paint, splattering his back wheel in black paint. One of the members hits a punching bag, causing yellow paint to explode from it like a geyser. Another guy stacks tires before grabbing a bucket of paint and throwing it at the stack. A poor guitar is even added to the list of terribly painted victims when one of the members throws it onto a bucket of paint from the top of a ladder. Honestly, none of those are very good ways to paint if you’re trying for full coverage. Also, in the very beginning of the song when some guy is running down a hallway with mirrors on either side of him, it reminded me a lot of TVXQ’s “Mirotic”. The dance was also kind of weak, it fit the song okay but it didn’t match the level of badass that they were so obviously trying to achieve in this video. Overall, pretty ‘meh’.

4. C-Clown “Solo”

As per usual, I really liked this song and the video was pretty good too. I like how it introduced the members with their names printed on the individual member’s picture. I’m not sure if all groups do this for their first mv, I know that BigBang did years ago at the end of their “We Belong Together” mv by dancing and singing while they have motion pictures with their names written on them in incredibly illegible writing. [P.S. if you watch that BigBang video, you’ll understand why I said one of the B.A.P. members in the “No Mercy” video has the same hairstyle as Taeyang…I don’t know why I can remember these things when I can’t even remember what I ate three hours ago.]

5. Glam “Party XXO”

I liked the song alright, but there wasn’t really anything to make it stand out in my eyes. It was a typical kpop song. I liked the mv too but the concept confused me. Not that I’m surprised, so many kpop music videos make no sense to me at all. Then again, maybe they’re not supposed to. Sorry if you’re their fan, I know that I didn’t say much about them but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m getting tired of the video reactions/written reviews. Note to self: next time, space the filming out a bit more so you’re not dead at the end of it all haha.

6. Psy “Korea”

We’re finally done with all of the reactions and I’m glad I ended with this one. I know it may not have looked like it during the video, but I really liked the video and song. A lot. I was just pressed for time so I was feeling pretty rushed. Honestly though, I think that Psy did a wonderful job with this song and that it’s a great anthem for the Olympics. It pretty much captures the very essence of South Korea, or what I know and have observed of it anyway. The video is colorful and historic while the lyrics are respectful and upbeat. And both are incredibly fun! I liked how the “Fantastic Baby” dog monster things were in this video as well as Psy’s Aladdin outfit. When the Korean people stood together to make the South Korean flag, that was also a nice touch. Side note: in the video I mentioned the flag’s meaning. I learned it a while ago and couldn’t remember exactly during the video but I looked it up again and figured that I’d share it here where my thoughts are a tad more coherent [although not by much]. The circle in the center really is a yin and yang sort of symbol; the red represents the positive aspects of the universe, while the blue represents the negative. Now, the four different groups of bars in the corners represent opposites, again contributing to the whole idea of balance as the center circle does. The top left represents Heaven while the bottom right represents earth [more as in land, not the planet]. The top right represents water while the bottom left represents fire. Also, the white background stands for peace and purity. So for those of you who were either wondering at the meaning or simply didn’t think there was one at all, that’s what it all means. Although, I think all country flags have meanings but I’m not sure. If you live in a country other than South Korea or USA and would like to represent your country while educating a girl who is pretty ignorant when it comes to flags, drop a comment telling me your country and the meaning of your flag. I don’t know about you, but other countries and cultures fascinate me. So until next time, see you all later and have a nice day.


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