Psy (ft. Hyuna) “Gangnam Style Part 2” or “Oppa Is Just My Style” [Reaction]

Yup, It’s another reaction video. Sorry guys but I like Psy and he [kind of] came out with a new video so I had to. Just you wait until GDragon’s new album comes out and he makes new music videos. The fangirling will make you pray for the sweet clutches of death. Anywhoodle doodle poodle, let’s get this done so you can get back to your lives and I can get back to…homework.

At first [as you can see] I was incredibly unimpressed with Hyuna’s parts. She tries too hard and it just seems very meh in my eyes. Also, I first thought that she was saying “oppan gangnam style” when, I later learned, she made a girl version and said “oppa is just my style” which would explain why it sounds d why I thought Hyuna was merely mispronouncing the chorus. However, even though I now know the words are different I still don’t like her voice. It annoys me, I’m sorry. I do like Hyuna though, especially Trouble Maker, I just think she should have sung the song differently.

Psy, of course, I loved. To me he just has a certain charisma that Hyuna doesn’t have. She focuses on being sexy which, if the past is any indicator, works for her. Psy, on the other hand, is just overwhelmingly awesome and flaunts it so well that he’s overpowering. I think that he’d cast a shadow over anyone he paired up with, what do you think?

Well that’s pretty much it, I’ll hopefully have a video up soon about the Olympics but I have so little time during the day. I have a lot of summer homework left and almost no time to do it all. So please, bear with me 🙂

Fun fact: “bear with me” is asking for patience” while “bare with me” is inviting someone to undress with you. So it’s a good thing that I looked it up because I almost used the wrong form of the sentence. That could have been awkward. And with that, I’m off!


Freakishly Huge Eyes

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this adorable puppy with you guys. I obviously filmed this around a week ago since that’s when I filmed the second part of my kpop reactions, but this was done on my phone. It wouldn’t upload from my phone so I had to go out and get a MicroSD chip to transfer it to my computer, so that’s why it took so long. I was babysitting and they had a dog at their house for a couple of days and her eyes are crazy! She’s adorable but I couldn’t help laugh when I saw her bugged out eyes. i think they were designed for a larger breed. Anyway, hope this made you smile even if it wasn’t all that eventful 🙂

P.S. There’s another video of dogs coming up soon, but this time they’re mine. Sorry guys, I promise I’ll do a tag video or something next so there’s some actual substance on this blog 🙂

P.P.S. I have no idea why the video and audio are out of sync. It’s not like I added the audio in later or anything but oh well, stuff happens.