Where Are They Now: MsKassarole Edition

Hey everyone! It’s me: MsKassarole! Serving up your favorite dish 😉

So in this video, I basically explain why I haven’t posted in a while, what I’ve been up to, and my plans for the near-future [life and blog-wise]. So there’s really not much more to tell. But this video wasn’t SUPER planned out so there are a couple of things that I forgot about while filming this video, so I’ll mention them now.

January: Well aside from New Year’s Eve stuff, my boyfriend convinced me to start reading the Harry Potter books because I never had. I did and I fell head over heels in love with them! I finished all seven books in a couple of weeks. I can’t believe I spent so many years hating on the Harry Potter series just because I thought the first movie was pretty dull. I mean, it is, but the books are SO AMAZING that I wish I had grown up with them like everyone else my age.

February: Like I said in the video: Valentine’s Day was the only memorable thing about February.

March: My half-sister turned 25 this year. I made the mean (but funny to my brother and me) comment that she was half-way to 50! She wasn’t amused.

April: My boyfriend turned 19 and I finally remember what movie we saw: Scary Movie 5. It was ok, a little stupid at certain parts but overall we enjoyed it 🙂

May: The senior class trip was really fun because I got to spend the day with my boyfriend and two of my best friends 🙂 I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT PROM! Isn’t that supposed to be what teenage girls live for? Haha! It was fun, but I felt that my junior prom was more enjoyable. The songs this year weren’t as fun to dance to so it took a while to get the ball rolling, but I still loved it. Dances are probably what I’ll miss most about high school 😛

June: I graduated on June 7 luckily the week of and the week before were easy peasy lemon squeezy! The last week was just practicing for the graduation ceremony, which was easy [although the obnoxious guys in my grade made it take longer than it should and on the last practice day I was so hungry I was considering cannibalism. Specifically, on those boys.] We had finals a week early but most of my classes weren’t big on the whole test idea so we had projects, essays, and/or presentations to do instead. I think I only had one actual test and it was for Government class. It was the same as our pretest at the beginning of the year and our midterm: the U.S. naturalization test AKA the test people need to take to become a U.S. citizen. As a natural-born citizen it was super hard, which means there are probably people in other countries who know more about American history/government than I do [I feel so pathetic] but thanks to the power of studying, I got 100% for both the midterm and the final! Don’t ask about the pretest. Just don’t.

July: Awesome month! Got to hang out with my boyfriend all day on our anniversary [which is rare] and again when we went to New York! Which was also part of our anniversary. My parents paid for the Wicked tickets at the last-minute as a graduation present. So nice 🙂 I went to sleep over at my boyfriend’s house around 10pm [mind out of the gutters, I slept on the couch.] because we had to wake up AT 3 IN THE MORNING!! Ugh the bus left at 5am and it was 30 minutes from his house so blargh. Luckily I slept through basically the entire ride there, which made it seem shorter 🙂 And we got to see WICKED! I loved it [of course] and so did he so we’re thinking of making NYC and musicals an annual thing [so long as we can afford it, of course]. Oh and on the not so fun side, I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. The day of was seriously the worst day of my life [which my brother was so kind to point out that it was only the worst “so far”]. I was groggy, bleeding, sore, and my pain meds made me throw up…which I didn’t find out until the next day. So I kept taking the dang things ALL DAY after my operation and I threw up ALL DAY. Ugh throwing up is the worst feeling ever. Oh well, at least I healed faster than average. My oral surgeon said that it takes about a month to fully heal but it only took me half the time. Apparently it means I have good genes so yay!

So yeah, that’s basically been my life for the past few months. OH AND I STARTED WATCHING SUPERNATURAL A FEW WEEKS AGO AND I’M ALREADY ON SEASON 7!! Seriously one of the best shows ever, no complaints so far. I especially love me some Misha Collins ^^

Ok guys, be sure to comment with your thoughts, questions, and video suggestions and I’ll see you next time. Have a great day!


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