Wicked Review

The theater itself was beautiful! Along the main staircase that led us to the doors which we entered to get to our seats [yes, it really was that large and confusing] there was a large map of Oz. There were two places to buy goods such as shirts, sweatshirts, programs etc. and a bar where you could buy snacks and drinks; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If I were 21 I might have picked up one of the cool-looking, green, Ozmopolitans. Get it? How punny 🙂 My only complaint was about the bathrooms. My goodness! There were like six stalls in the woman’s bathroom and at intermission the line was HUGE! Intermission was halfway over and the line had only moved a few people and I knew there was no way I’d be able to go to the bathroom and make it back in time so I and the woman behind me figured ‘what the Hell?’ and went in the men’s bathroom because their line was literally non-existent. It was my first time in the men’s bathroom [don’t worry, I averted my eyes and looked only at the floor] so that shows just how terribly crowded it was for the women. The theater should try to get on that.

The stage is so amazing, there is a dragon at the top of the stage that moves and the sets behind the actors are so detailed and beautifully done. I spent a lot of the time just looking at the stage to be quite honest.

The music is phenomenal. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the cast is and how beautiful the songs were. I mentioned my two favorite scenes in the play but I love all of the songs. LITERALLY all of them. You know how in musicals, maybe you like most of the songs but there is always one or two that you just want to skip through to get to a different one? Well, that didn’t happen in Wicked. I love all the songs and every part is entertaining. There were no parts where I began to space out due to it being a dull moment. Wicked is never dull!

The messages in this musical are important ones and I think there is a lesson to be learned from Wicked. On the surface, one can learn the importance of having meaningful friendships [which I was obviously connected to, as you can tell] and how to overcome hardship. Also, it’s largely about being yourself and doing what’s right, even if no one else will. However, you can see the real world’s misconception of truth in Elphaba and Glinda. The musical makes a statement about appearances and how society perceives “good” and “bad”. Elphaba is a very good person and everything “wicked” that she does are merely unfortunate side effects of her good intentions. Glinda, on the other hand, is very selfish and most of her “good deeds” stem from her desire to boost her own importance and status. Even so, because of the way the girls look, one is falsely accused of being evil and the other as being perfectly sinless.

Songs are also used to discuss political issues in today’s society. In Glinda’s song “Popular” she sings:

“To think of celebrated heads of state or ‘specially great communicators.
Did they have brains or knowledge? Don’t make me laugh!
They were popular. Please!
It’s all about popular! It’s not about aptitude,
It’s the way you’re viewed,
So it’s very shrewd to be very, very popular like me!”

Also, In the Wizard’s song “Wonderful” he sings

“A man’s called a traitor or liberator;
A rich man’s a thief or philanthropist.
Is one a crusader or ruthless invader?
It’s all in which label is able to persist.
There are precious few at ease
With moral ambiguities,
So we act as though they don’t exist!”

It’s disturbing to think of how true this is. And of course, as I mentioned, they discuss racism and discrimination with the talking animals of Oz being forced to not speak and becoming second-class citizens. So while the musical is definitely entertaining, it also highlights important issues.

Finally, I’d like to say that this is a musical for everyone. I went with my boyfriend and he loved it! Sure, he doesn’t mind watching musicals [which he does a lot seeing as how most of my favorite movies are musicals] as much as some guys his age seem to, but even still. I think that all genders and all ages could appreciate this musical because there’s a little something for everyone.


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