Psy (ft. Hyuna) “Gangnam Style Part 2” or “Oppa Is Just My Style” [Reaction]

Yup, It’s another reaction video. Sorry guys but I like Psy and he [kind of] came out with a new video so I had to. Just you wait until GDragon’s new album comes out and he makes new music videos. The fangirling will make you pray for the sweet clutches of death. Anywhoodle doodle poodle, let’s get this done so you can get back to your lives and I can get back to…homework.

At first [as you can see] I was incredibly unimpressed with Hyuna’s parts. She tries too hard and it just seems very meh in my eyes. Also, I first thought that she was saying “oppan gangnam style” when, I later learned, she made a girl version and said “oppa is just my style” which would explain why it sounds d why I thought Hyuna was merely mispronouncing the chorus. However, even though I now know the words are different I still don’t like her voice. It annoys me, I’m sorry. I do like Hyuna though, especially Trouble Maker, I just think she should have sung the song differently.

Psy, of course, I loved. To me he just has a certain charisma that Hyuna doesn’t have. She focuses on being sexy which, if the past is any indicator, works for her. Psy, on the other hand, is just overwhelmingly awesome and flaunts it so well that he’s overpowering. I think that he’d cast a shadow over anyone he paired up with, what do you think?

Well that’s pretty much it, I’ll hopefully have a video up soon about the Olympics but I have so little time during the day. I have a lot of summer homework left and almost no time to do it all. So please, bear with me 🙂

Fun fact: “bear with me” is asking for patience” while “bare with me” is inviting someone to undress with you. So it’s a good thing that I looked it up because I almost used the wrong form of the sentence. That could have been awkward. And with that, I’m off!


Kpop MV Reaction Video Extravaganza! [Part 1]

Hey guys! Well, I decided to catch up a bit and watch some of the kpop music videos that have come out this month that I haven’t had a chance to see yet [which is why 2NE1’s “I love You” isn’t on the list, I’ve seen it so many times that I pretty much destroyed the replay button]. So, this is a lot of reaction videos all at once and I promise that this isn’t all that I’m going to do on this blog [although I’m sensing kpop might be included a lot since I’m pretty passionate about it], but I’ve always wanted to make a reaction video and A LOT of good songs have come out this month. So, this is part one of two and there are four videos in this part, and there will be another four in the second part. Let’s begin.

1. Wonder Girls “Like Money”

The beginning of this video was really weird and kind of creeped me out. At first I thought that there was something with my computer or speakers, but I figured it out after a minute. The video wasn’t super impressive, I mean they just danced in oddly lit rooms. I did like the outfits and robot concept, it was pretty cool and definitely not what I would expect for this song. I love Akon’s voice in this song [although I’m sure he sounds different live, I don’t really know but that’s what I assume]. However, he was kind of boring in this song. It would’ve been cool to see him dance with the girls but maybe that might not go well with his image or something. One last comment, I didn’t really like the rap part. It fit well with the song and everything, but I could’ve done without it. All in all, I loved this video.
P.S. I am not surprised in the least that JYP found a way into this video. I guess he had to compensate for the lack of the “JYP” whisper.

2. Psy “Gangnam Style”

Holy cannoli, this song and video are amazing! I was super amused [if you couldn’t tell] throughout the entire mv. Psy is great because he isn’t that stereotypical kpop pretty boy that pretty much everyone else in the business are, yet he still manages to be popular because his music and charisma are top-notch. I think the 33 second mark is when I got sucked into this video. When he was walking with two girls through this barrage of trash, I couldn’t help but wonder “what could he possibly do next?” Oh how I underestimated Psy’s awesome. Foam is thrown at them, he cuddles with a sweaty fat dude, sits next to two “old guys” [Daesung and Seungri from the kpop group BigBang] playing chess, he’s on a bus full of ahjummas, goes all “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” and then commences quite possibly the most awesome dance ever in the history of kpop ever which I’ve decided to call: Riding the Pony. As soon as I saw that I decided that i need to learn it and I have. I shall be dancing that often. At school, family functions, black tie affairs; you name it, I’ll be there to ride that pony.

3. B.A.P. “No Mercy”

After recovering from the mind-blowing experience that was “Gangnam Style”, I returned to watch “No Mercy” and I’m glad that I did. This isn’t as in your face as “B.A.PEEYUH”‘s other songs are but it still makes me want to get up and learn boxing or something. I can already see myself exercising to this song; whether it be running or ab work, this has a kick ass beat and chorus that makes you want to just get stuff done! Aside from the chorus my favorite parts of the song would have to be sung like it is at 50 seconds or so. I don’t if it’s just that boy’s voice or if it’s the melody but it has me entranced and wanted to sing along [even though I’d just be mimicking what it sounds like with absolute gibberish that I’m sure is way off from the actual words].

4. B2ST “‘아름다운 밤이야'” or “Beautiful Night” for my fellow English speakers.

As with every song so far, I loved this one. It’s super catchy and all of their voices complement this song greatly. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard this playing in a club with the crowd jumping up and down in unison, fists in the air, when the chorus comes along. Well, maybe not in US clubs but in S. Korea? Definitely. Getting away from the song, the boys are all so cute, my favorite is definitely the red-head; what a cutie. Anyway, this song is a wonderful song that begs to be blasted in the car with the windows [or top if you’re in a convertible] down as you shout along to the chorus as best you can.

So that’s it for part one, the second part should be posted later today or tomorrow. Sorry this was late, my family kept getting in the way of me posting this yesterday. It seems that my parents only have tasks for me to do when I’m kind of busy.